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Do I Need to Replace My Mattress?

It seems my mattress is done for. Where can I buy a new one in San Diego

Knowing when to replace your mattress is important as a mattress in excellent condition ensures a good night’s sleep. However, this isn’t always easy to tell and it gets even more complicated with boat mattresses.

If you spend time on a boat, you have to know more than just when to buy one of the new boat mattresses in San Diego. You also have to learn all there is about boat mattresses and how to stop mold from forming under it in order to catch some quality sleep on a boat. But, let’s first see when you should start thinking about replacing your regular mattress.

How do you know when you need to replace your mattress?How do you know when you need to replace your mattress

Mattresses are what makes you sleep well. Therefore, your mattress should always be in tip-top shape, and you should pay close attention and know when your mattress has to be replaced. But, how to know so?

Well, without the need to consult the experts at the Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine, we’ll try to give you an exhaustive list of all the signs that show that your mattress needs replacing, and, hopefully, with it in mind, you’ll never allow a bad mattress to cost you your sleep again!

Assessing the quality of your sleep

The first thing you should pay attention to is how well you’ve been sleeping lately. If you start noticing that your sleep is deteriorating more and more with each passing month, it’s high time you thought about replacing your mattress.

There are four main categories to investigate when it comes to evaluating the quality of the sleep you’re getting.

  1. Back pain – If you’ve begun experiencing back pain every time you wake up, and it didn’t happen in the past, it might be the mattress. Sure, there are many causes of back pain, but if the pain subsides after some morning stretches, chances are, it’s the mattress.
  2. Morning stiffness – If your whole body feels rather stiff every time you get out of bed, think about replacing your mattress. A new mattress would definitely help you feel better when you wake up.
  3. Numb limbs – If your legs, hands, or feet feel numb when you wake up, it could be down to the mattress. Yes, you should visit a doctor and make sure there are no other causes, but you should also look into buying a new mattress.
  4. Sleep quality – If you feel sluggish, slow, or sleepy after you’ve woken up, it’s definitely time to think about a new mattress. If a mattress does not provide the sleep that you need, what good is it?

Assessing the state of your mattress

Every mattress wears, and it also tears. It’s the circle of life of a mattress, as no mattresses can last forever. But, sometimes, people think that a little wear here and some tears there are alright and that the mattress can still serve a purpose.

Well, yes, you’ll be able to sleep on it, but the quality of your sleep will be greatly reduced due to the unsuitable state of your mattress. So, let’s see what are the physical signs that your mattress no longer cuts the mustard.

  1. Tears – Examine your mattress closely for any visible tearing. Do so by taking your mattress off the bed and taking a good, hard look from all sides. If there are any tears, be they large or small, there is a risk of content falling out, reducing comfort.
  2. Lumps – Lumps are mostly visible with the naked eye, but there are those pesky hidden ones that you don’t see, but that your body definitely feels. Place a hand on the surface of your mattress, press down, and see if you feel any lumps. Lumps can greatly reduce the quality of your sleep, and should you notice any, it’s probably time for your mattress to retire.
  3. Sags – Sit beside the mattress and look at it from the side. Remove the sheets prior to this. If you notice that the middle or the sides of your mattress are sagging, you definitely need a new mattress.
  4. Holes – Take the bedding off and see if there are any holes in your mattress. This is the final sign that you need to replace your mattress. Holes are not good.

Assessing the overall quality and ageAssessing the overall quality and age

Finally, you have to take into account other factors, such as the age of your mattress and the overall state your mattress is in. Sometimes, there don’t need to be any lumps or sags and your back pain can be slight upon getting upon, but your mattress is still ripe for replacement.

  1. Age – Every mattress should be replaced after a number of years of everyday use. If you’ve bought your mattress seven or eight years ago, you should think about replacing it. It’s a rule of thumb, but a good rule still.
  2. Rotation – If you’ve been increasingly rotating your mattress lately, and you’re still noticing sags or lumps, you definitely should go mattress shopping.
  3. Bed bugs – Don’t let the bedbugs bite, as they say. A commonplace, we know, but important when it comes to assessing the overall state your mattress is in. A mattress with bed bugs should definitely be replaced. Yes, you can try to kill them with various methods, but bed bugs are usually a sign of needing a new mattress.
  4. Bacteria, mold, mites – If you clean your mattress on a regular basis, you should be fine. But, sometimes, even if you take care of your mattress, mold and bacteria can form, and dust mites can appear. If this does happen, replace your mattress.

“It seems my mattress is done for. Where can I buy a new one in San Diego?”

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to replace a regular mattress or if you’re looking for boat mattresses for your San Diego marine escape, Mattress Makers is here for you! We are the manufacturers of the finest mattresses and sleeping accessories in all of San Diego, and we’re sure we’ll be able to find a perfect replacement for your old, exhausted mattress. If you feel like you’re starting to lose sleep and that you’re too tired to enjoy Balboa Park, stop by our store as soon as possible. We’ve got you covered!

What Is a Boat Mattress & How Can I Customize It?

Where can I find a company to make a boat mattress for me

There’s more to finding out what a boat mattress is than just looking up pictures online. It’s a whole other story when compared to regular mattresses and buying a boat mattress in San Diego requires thorough research.

However, we’ve taken the liberty to answer some of the burning boat mattress-related questions – when you need to replace a mattress, how to prevent mold from forming underneath a boat mattress, and how to maximize your sleep on a boat mattress. So, let’s begin.

What is a boat bed mattress?What is a boat bed mattress

Explaining what a boat mattress is seems easy enough at first. It’s a mattress you use on a boat. And that is true, for the most part. Not exactly a definition supplied by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, but still true.

But, true in the broadest sense of the word. Boats come in different shapes and sizes, and their sleeping quarters are frequently shaped in such a way that a regular mattress would just not fit properly.

That is why a subcategory of boat and marine mattresses exists. The size and shape of a boat mattress depend on the size, shape, and layout of your aquatic sleeping area. And, the situation being as is, boat mattresses are usually unlike any other type of mattress you’ve seen.

They look “weird” and “awkward”, but that’s only because mostly, all of these mattresses are specially manufactured for their customers from special materials in order to prevent mold from forming. But, what about the characteristics that make good boat mattresses?

What should I look for when buying a boat mattress?

When looking to buy a mattress for your boat, there are many aspects to pay attention to:

  • Measurements – Make sure that the mattress seller is willing to visit your boat or yacht to take the measurements. This is best left to the pros as all of us can make a mistake.
  • Delivery and installation – Some sellers don’t deliver and install your boat mattress. If that’s the case, our advice is to look for another place to buy as this is definitely not something you need to trouble yourself with. Plus, it’s different when licensed professionals take care of every step of the process.
  • Materials – Look for a mattress shop where you can choose between different types of mattresses, depending on your needs. Some people prefer pocketed coils, latex, or memory foam while there are still traditionalists who can’t get good sleep without springs. Whatever your preference, make sure the seller has enough options for you to choose from.
  • Mold resistance – Whatever you do and wherever you choose to buy, this one’s important. Never buy a boat mattress without a special mold-resistant bottom made from vinyl. Your health is your top priority, and if mold forms, the mattress becomes far from healthy to sleep on.
  • CertiPur foam and natural materials – Finally, if possible, try to find a mattress manufacturer that implements natural materials and CertiPur foam. This ensures that there are no hazardous substances or any harsh chemicals and allergens in your mattress. These mattresses are healthier, produce low-VOC emissions, and are suitable for the environment you’ll be using them in.

How to customize a mattress for boat?How to customize a mattress for boat

To be completely honest, customizing a boat mattress or making a customized boat mattress from scratch is a daunting task, even for seasoned mattress manufacturers. There are so many aspects to take into consideration that we don’t advise you to do it yourself.

The best option is always to turn to professionals, find mattress makers that manufacture custom boat mattresses, and ask them to do all the work. As we’ve said earlier, find a company that will go to the site, take measurements, and make a mattress of your dreams.

“Where can I find a company to make a boat mattress for me?”

If you’re in the wider San Diego area, you’re in luck, because the finest manufacturers of quality mattresses for boats in San Diego are right at your doorstep – Mattress Makers. We are a family business and we place quality and our customer’s desires as our top priority.

We will measure the space for you, deliver the mattress, make sure the mattress is just as you want it, and made with natural materials and CertiPur foam. You’ve probably visited SeaWorld San Diego, but let us make your own sea world as enjoyable as it can be. Visit us today!

Adjustable Bases: Are They Durable and Do They Damage Mattresses?

Split king adjustable beds

You’d like to know whether adjustable split king bases are durable, and you’d also like to know if they damage mattresses? We’ll tell you, but have you done your “Split king adjustable beds 101”?

Do you know how beneficial split king beds are? Are you familiar with the hybrid mattress – adjustable split king bed combination? Are you sure you know which sheets to use on your adjustable split king? Yeah? You know all of this? Well, let’s get cracking then!

How long do adjustable bed bases last?How long do adjustable bed bases last

Investing in a good bed that will get you the best sleep money can buy is always a sound investment. Sometimes, not even all the advice you’d get from the experts at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine can bring you as good a night’s sleep as buying a quality new bad can.

And, depending on the bed of your dreams, the investment can also be hefty besides being sound. It’s understandable, then, that you want to know how long an adjustable bed can last. It’s your money, and you want to get the most out of it.

The durability of adjustable beds

So, how long do adjustable beds last? A difficult question to answer and there is no uniform way of telling how long you can expect your bed to last.

Every adjustable bed is different, and every one of these adjustable beds will last for a different amount of time, depending on various factors. Now, a warranty period can give you a glimpse into an adjustable bed’s projected lifespan, but who doesn’t want their purchase to outlast its warranty?

Instead of trying to estimate how long an adjustable bed will last and risk being wrong, let’s take a look at the most important factors that impact the longevity of your adjustable bed.

What are the factors that affect the durability of an adjustable bed?

Here are the most important factors that affect how long you can hope your adjustable bed to last:

  1. Frequency of use – The more often you fiddle with the controls, trying to find the perfect position for you, the shorter the lifespan of your adjustable bed will be. Now, if the build quality is good, this won’t matter as much, but it certainly will make a dent in the bed’s longevity.
  2. Model – Some models of adjustable beds are sturdier than others, and, depending on the model you’ve chosen, you can expect more or less from it.
  3. Single vs. split – Although it might not seem an important factor, split king twin adjustable beds usually have a slightly longer lifespan than single ones. This is because you have twice the motor power working on the same mattress than you would with a single base.
  4. Motors – Motors in an adjustable bed are what keeps the positions a-changing. If the motors are not as strong or as well-built as they should be, there will be a breakdown you’ll either have to fix, or get a completely new adjustable bed. However, the standard lift power in an adjustable base is 850lbs.
  5. Mattress – Choosing an adequate mattress for your adjustable base is also very important. People mostly ask whether an adjustable bed will damage a mattress, but it goes the other way ‘round as well.
  6. Weight limits – All adjustable beds have weight restrictions. Although a weight restriction doesn’t mean a person who exceeds it won’t be able to use the bed, it’s worth noting that sleeping on an adjustable bed that doesn’t meet the necessary weight requirements will considerably shorten its life.
  7. Maintenance – The better you take care of your bed, the longer it will last.
  8. Money – Some say it’s not polite to discuss money, but we have to, as adjustable beds that are higher up the price range do tend to last longer. This is not a given, as we’ve seen how many factors actually impact the longevity of your adjustable bed, but splashing out on a new bed certainly is a good idea.

Do adjustable bases damage mattresses?Do adjustable bases damage mattresses

The first thing we have to say is that it depends on the mattress, not the base. Pretty much every adjustable base functions in the same way, differences being the number of preprogrammed positions and the overall build quality. So, if you’re worried that an adjustable base will damage your mattress, you should first think of the mattress, not the base.

This is because not every mattress is suitable for an adjustable base. For example, traditional innerspring mattresses are too rigid and potentially too thick to work well with an adjustable base. Thus, the lifespan of such a mattress, when coupled with an adjustable base, can be shortened.

However, if you choose a mattress suitable for adjustable bases, you really don’t have to worry. Instead of further convincing you that there is no reason to worry about an adjustable base eradicating your mattress, let’s see what you should look for in a mattress that can be considered a good match for an adjustable base.

What qualities should a mattress for an adjustable bed have?

To help you find the perfect match for your adjustable base, we’ll take a closer look at the qualities such a mattress should possess.

  1. Flexibility – A mattress that goes well with an adjustable base should be as flexible as possible to be able to withstand the constant changes of shape.
  2. Weight – The lighter the mattress is, the better it will work with an adjustable base as it will put less stress on the construction of the bed.
  3. Size – Don’t go over the top when choosing a mattress for your adjustable base. Choose one that is just right and fits as snuggly as possible, and you’ll be good.

“Where can I buy a good adjustable base in San Diego?”

You’re looking for good adjustable beds in split king size? We’re Mattress Makers, and we’re long-time manufacturers of quality mattresses and bases. We do everything in our power to help you find the perfect fit, and we don’t stop until our job is done. If you’re planning a trip to La Jolla Cove, stop by our store and see our incredible stock.

What Sheets to Use for Adjustable Split King Beds?

Can I use regular sheets on an adjustable bed

Sheets are an extremely important part of the sleeping experience. Sure, you can know all about the dimensions of an adjustable split king, which mattress to use on your adjustable bed, and whether or not your adjustable bed is durable enough for your sleeping needs.

But what about the sheets, an essential, but often neglected aspect of a good night’s sleep? You should never buy sheets on a purely aesthetic basis, so let’s see how to choose the perfect ones for your split king adjustable bed. 

What kind of sheets do you put on a split king bed?

What kind of sheets do you put on a split king bed

When it comes to outfitting your split king bed with the sheets of your dreams, it seems an easy matter. And, on the one hand, it is. You definitely don’t need a pundit from the Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine helping you out.

But, on the other hand, you need to know the type of sheets to use on your split king. Regular sheets just won’t do. They can do, but then you’d be throwing the primary reason for buying a split king, two separate sleeping surfaces, out of the window. 

You only need a single sheet to cover your regular king-size mattress. However, a split king is comprised of two Twin XL mattresses, and that’s why you need two Twin XL sheets for your split king. 

These kinds of sheets usually come with elastic corners or straps on the corners, making it easier for the sheets to have a snug fit to the mattress. Sometimes, you’ll get a top sheet in the package too, maintaining the possibility to cover the entire split king with a single sheet. 

What types of sheets are available for split kings?

There are many materials used to create split king sheets. Here are the most common types.

  1. Cotton – Cotton sheets are wrinkle-free, and enable a mattress to retain a high degree of breathability. Depending on the thread count, you can get cotton sheets of different quality.
  2. Supima cotton – Supima cotton is a better alternative to regular cotton, and it’s among the best types of cotton fibers in the world. These sheets boast increased durability and breathability due to longer threads.
  3. Microfiber – Microfiber sheets are soft, smooth, and extremely durable. However, microfiber is less breathable than cotton, and, although machine-washable, these sheets can shrink if you toss them in the washing machine.
  4. Tencel – The fibers of these sheets are made from eucalyptus, which gives them superior strength when compared to other types of fabric. Also, they tend to be very soft, making them a good choice for anyone experiencing skin issues. The ability to wick skin moisture will only make your good night’s sleep even better.
  5. Egyptian cotton – The most luxurious of all the fabric, Egyptian cotton’s reputation certainly is well deserved. The fibers are long, meaning no piling. The thread count is very high, which means increased durability and softness. Finally, Egyptian cotton sheets are incredibly breathable, making this the perfect buy for people who sweat through the night.

Can I use regular sheets on an adjustable bed?

You can, but then you’d have to wrestle your sheets every time you place your adjustable bed in a different position. Regular sheets are designed for beds that remain flat, which is not something adjustable beds are for. 

Using regular sheets on an adjustable base would cause the sheets to wrinkle and bulk up in the middle and slip off at the corners, making you lose sleep over it. That is why there are special sheets designed for adjustable beds.

Why go with sheets for adjustable beds? 

Sheets for adjustable beds are created to be more secure and fit more snugly to the mattress. They usually have elastics or suspenders going all around them, making it easy for you to secure the sheets in place on an adjustable base.

Also, sheets for adjustable beds are usually deeper than those for regular beds. The increased depth allows for more motion of the mattress underneath, which means your sheets will stay in place rather than slip off. 

Of course, in order to buy the perfect sheets for your adjustable bed, you need to know the exact dimensions of the base and the mattress, and then try to find sheets made for adjustable beds that fit the dimensions of your bed.

How do you put sheets on a split king adjustable bed?

The process of putting sheets on any bed does seem to be a similar experience, and it is so with regular beds that feature regular mattresses. However, although the process of putting sheets on adjustable beds is not all that different, it is different enough that it warrants a more detailed explanation.How do you put sheets on a split king adjustable bed

  • You need two different sheets for both parts of your adjustable split king.
  • Make sure the dimensions of the sheets are such that they fit tightly around your mattress.
  • Take a single sheet and place it over one part of your split king adjustable bed.
  • Now, take the sides of the sheet and firmly put the elastics or suspenders over the sides of your mattress, so the sheet doesn’t move.
  • If you want, you can fit sheet fasteners to your sheets, for improved security during the night’s tossings and turnings.
  • Added tip: lift the head and foot of your adjustable base for greater ease on your back when putting on your sheets. The foot mattress will lift off of the base, making it that much easier to get the sheets under the mattress.

“Where can I find sheets for my split king adjustable bed in San Diego?”

Where else than at Mattress Makers? At our store, you can find not only the finest sheets on the market, but also the best mattresses and bases for your adjustable split king bed. We are a family business, and we give it our all when making every mattress, every base, every pillow, and every sheet. With our products, you’ll always feel well-rested for spontaneous visits to Torrey Park State Natural Reserve. Come to our store and see what we have to offer!

What Type of Mattress Goes Best With an Adjustable Base?

Finding a perfect mattress for an adjustable base can be a long search indeed. It seems as though you’ve just learned about the benefits of split king mattresses, what sheets to use on split kings, and how sturdy adjustable bases are, and now you have to look into another matter.

Well, you have to know that not every type of mattress will work well with your adjustable base, and it is even more difficult to find a mattress for your split king adjustable base. However, it is far from impossible, which we’re going to show you right now!

Will any mattress work with an adjustable base?

Theoretically, yes, all mattresses can work with adjustable bases. Be it a memory foam, latex, innerspring or air mattress, you can place any mattress on an adjustable base and it will work.

However, not every mattress type is equal when it comes to using it on an adjustable bed. Some mattresses have such a construction that they are more rigid by default, and a rigid mattress will not work as well with an adjustable base as some other types will. So, let’s see how different mattress types get along with adjustable bases.

  1. Memory foam mattress – Memory foam is an excellent choice for adjustable beds. Memory foam can flex easily, and that means that this type of mattress can assume any position without losing any of its signature benefits.
  2. Latex mattress – Similar to memory foam, a latex mattress can also flex rather easily, especially its thinner variants. Plus, latex foam is extremely durable, which means that the changes in shape will not affect its longevity.
  3. Air mattress – These mattresses consist of encased air chambers surrounded by either foam or padding. They do sound like a good choice for an adjustable base because air is air, right? But, changing the shape of an air mattress with an adjustable base can impede airflow, reducing the benefits you bought it for in the first place.
  4. Innerspring mattress – Although any mattress, including innerspring mattresses, can theoretically work with an adjustable base, we have to say that a traditional innerspring mattress may not be the best choice. They’re too rigid for an adjustable base, and the benefits you’d normally get from them would be greatly diminished.

Do hybrid mattresses work with adjustable bases?

Not only do hybrid mattresses work well with adjustable bases, but they’re also one of the best choices when it comes to choosing a type of mattress for an adjustable base. And you don’t need to consult the Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine to confirm this. 

Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both worlds – they have innersprings that are pocketed individually, and several layers of memory foam on top that, when combined with the springs, make for a luxurious sleeping experience.

Couple that with an adjustable base that allows you to find the perfect sleeping position for you, and you can imagine the quality of sleep you’re about to get. Just make sure to choose a good hybrid mattress, and you’ll have no worries!

“Where in San Diego can I buy a quality hybrid mattress for my adjustable base?”

There’s only one true manufacturer of quality hybrid mattresses that would be a good fit for your split king size adjustable base, and that’s Mattress Makers! Making mattresses is more than a business to us – it’s our passion! We give it our all to provide our customers with the mattress of their dreams, for good dreams. If you sometimes feel too tired when looking at the history of the Victorian society at Heritage Park, stop by our store and let us help you improve your sleep!

Split King Mattresses: How Beneficial Are They?

Mattress shopping, even when you know about the good sides of split king mattresses, can be fraught with uncertainty – what is the best mattress for an adjustable base?; what kind of sheets can I use on a split king bed?; how long do adjustable bases last?… The questions just keep on piling up, and it seems as though not even the American Academy of Sleep Medicine could help you.  

Sometimes, not even having an in-depth knowledge of a split king adjustable bed seems to be enough, and you have to seek even more information. Well, we’ll try our best to help you during your mattress-shopping quest by telling you everything you need to know about split king mattresses.

How wide is a split king adjustable bed?

A split king bed is a bed that features a mattress in king size but split into two. Why? Well, because people have different sleeping preferences, and finding a single mattress that will suit both sleeping styles can be very difficult or even impossible.

With a split king, you get the best of both worlds – a sleeping surface big enough for two people to sleep on combined with the ability to choose two completely different mattresses to comprise a split king and accommodate for the differences in sleeping habits.

When it comes to the matter of length and width, a split king bed is 80-inches in length and 76-inches in width. Two Twin XL mattresses comprise a split king, both of them 80-inches long and, you’ve guessed it, 38-inches wide. 

Choosing a split king over a regular king size bed might just be the solution you’ve been looking for if you and your partner have trouble agreeing on the firmness or the style of the mattress. It’s wide enough for two, and it will combine your sleeping preferences into a perfect place for rest.

What are the benefits of a split king mattress?

Now, it’s time to see about what the split king mattress actually brings into the sleeping game, and why you should opt for one instead of the many other mattress types out there.

  1. Sleeping preferences – Since two mattresses of a Twin XL size comprise a split king mattress, you can choose two completely different mattresses and accommodate for the possible differences in sleeping preference between you and your partner. 
  2. Personal space – A split king also offers the possibility of having some personal space at night when you need it most. Cuddling is important, but sometimes, you just need to turn around and catch some z’s after a long day.
  3. Motion transfer – By having two separate mattresses on a single bed frame, there is absolutely no motion transfer between the two parts of a split king. This way, your partner won’t interrupt your sleeping pattern with a few nighttime turns.
  4. Snoring – Combine a split king mattress with a split king adjustable base and you can sleep in a position that will ease your snoring, while your partner can choose a position perfect for him or her. 
  5. Health benefits – When it comes to health benefits, a split king has many. It will reduce the pain in your back, improve your blood circulation, alleviate leg swelling, and enhance digestion. Yeah, split kings are that good for you!
  6. Moving house – Finally, in case you have to move, having a king size bed can prove troublesome. They’re big, they’re heavy, and they’re difficult to maneuver. With a split king, you just separate it into two Twin XL mattresses and you’re good to move!

“Where can I buy a split king adjustable bed in San Diego?”

Mattress Makers, where else? We are a family-owned business that has been making premium mattresses for three generations, ever since the ’60s, and we really know what we’re doing. We’ll help you find the perfect adjustable bed in split king size in no time! If you’re feeling too exhausted to have a long walk through the San Diego Botanic Garden, stop by our store and let us help you sleep like never before!

A History & Overview of a Double-Sided Mattress

When was the first double-sided mattress made

The history of the double-sided mattress is interesting, but often overlooked. People would rather like to know how to turn a mattress, who the best maker of double-sided mattresses is, and why everyone says flippable mattresses are incredible.

And although these questions sound more important, and they might be, you can never truly learn to appreciate any product without knowing the full story behind it. We’re here to remedy that, and you will see why every turnable mattress is a great choice, not only the double-sided mattress queen size.

What is the history of mattressesWhen was the first double-sided mattress made?

So, you’d like a bit of history? You’d like to know just how long the mattress of your dreams has been in existence? And, moreover, you’re interested to see the development of the flippable mattress through the ages?

Well, it’s more difficult than it sounds. While the history of the mattress in general is a topic thoroughly researched, that of double-sided mattresses is rather unknown. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact date of the creation of the first double-sided mattress.

This is a matter which even the Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine is still debating. But, this type of mattress originated approximately some 100 years ago and has continued improving to this day and age.

The story of double-sided mattresses

In the beginning, flippable mattresses consisted of coils. And that’s not today’s modern coils, but the old-school heavy coils. This made these mattresses extremely cumbersome to flip, instigating the need for design and material improvement.

Which brings us to present day and modern double-sided mattresses. No more heavy coils, no more old materials. Modern flippable mattresses have a wrapped edge-to-edge coil system, which decreases weight, but improves comfort and durability.

However, contemporary double-sided mattresses are still manufactured with the same underlying idea in mind – to provide increased durability, longevity, and sleeping comfort, while eliminating all the drawbacks of their single-sided brethren. 

What is the history of mattresses?

Although information on double-sided mattresses is sparse, we still have enough information on them to conclude the reasons behind their creation. But, if you still need more history, here’s a brief overview of the history of mattresses.

  • Ancient Egypt – Egyptian commoners used to sleeping on palm leaves, while pharaohs, Tutankhamun most notably, had gold and ebony beds. Palms leaves were still used as mattresses though.
  • Ancient Rome – Romans liked it lavish. It is no surprise, then, that the Romans were among the first civilizations to stuff their mattresses with wool, hay, reed, or feathers, and place them on silver, gold, or bronze beds. 
  • The Middle Ages – Not much in terms of innovation, but there is a novelty to be found in Medieval sleeping accommodations – beds were positioned at a 45-degree angle so the sleeper would be able to quickly fend off incoming attackers. Talk about sleeping with one eye open.the Renaissance 
  • The Renaissance – Perhaps the most extravagant of epochs, brought opulence into sleeping. Affluent individuals had their beds adorned with silk, velvet, and brocade, and their mattresses stuffed with straw, pea shucks, or the most comfortable variant – feathers.
  • The 17th century – Imagine French kings and their life of luxury, and you’ll get an idea of just how lavish the beds were for the richer population. Ostentatious, you betcha! 
  • The 18th century – This is when people started to perceive vermin and insects in their beds as a big no no. Up to here, bugs were OK. That is why the 18th century notes the invention of cotton mattresses and cast iron beds.
  • The 19th century – This one’s a biggie as the 19th century is the time of the invention of the first coil spring mattress. This happened in 1865, and the mattress world would forever feel the ripples of this event.
  • The 20th century – We won’t waste your time about numerous inventions in the art of mattress making in the 20th century. This century brought about pocketed coils, futons, rubber mattresses, water beds, airbeds… Basically, everything we know today, or most of it, originated in the 20th century.

Who sells a double-sided mattresses?Who sells a double-sided mattresses

Regrettably, for some unknown reason, the popularity of the double-sided mattress continues to decline. However, it should not be so as flippable mattresses only offer additional benefits when compared to regular mattresses, without any of the drawbacks.

You’d think that an increased lifespan, better comfort, great durability, as well as better resistance to wear and tear would make this type of mattress more prominent now than ever before. But it is not so!

However, if you still want the best mattress the market has to offer, you can get one, you just have to do a bit of research beforehand. The Kensington is the finest flippable mattress currently in production, and all you need to do is a bit of Googling to find a retailer.

“Where can I buy the Kensington double-sided mattress?”

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Double-Sided Mattresses: Are They Better & Do They Last Longer?

Do double-sided mattresses last longer

Double-sided mattresses are great, but, for some reason, they are still considered a novelty by many. People are unsure how often to flip the mattress, what the reasons for buying a double-sided mattress are, and they even wonder for how long flippable mattresses have been around?

Well, they’ve been around for quite some time, but we understand your concerns as they’re not exactly common. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to tell you why double-sided mattresses are an excellent choice as long as you go for a trusted double-sided mattress mattress firm.

Are double-sided mattresses betterAre double-sided mattresses better?

When it comes to mattresses, as well as any other sleep-related elements, it is difficult to say that one is better than the other. Sleeping comfort is a personal matter, and what may be the best mattress in the world for one person can easily be the worst sleeping choice for another. It is something not even the American Academy of Sleep Medicine can give a definitive answer to.

However, when it comes to double-sided mattresses, we might be able to give you a direct response to your question, or at least an initial pointer from which you can continue your mattress hunting.

It has been our experience that people are usually more satisfied with double-sided mattresses rather than their single-sided counterparts. They are chunkier, sturdier, and, more often than not, more comfortable to sleep on. But, let’s see why exactly we think that double-sided mattresses are, in fact, a better choice.

Why are double-sided mattresses better?

In the battle of the mattresses, there can only be one clear winner, at least when we set aside the subjective and focus on the clearly perceivable objective benefits of double-sided mattresses.

  1. Durability – Because these mattresses consist of two sides, it is normal they’re going to last longer.
  2. Wear and tear – Since double-sided mattresses are flipped on a regular basis, the wear and tear is evenly distributed, preventing lumps and dents in the mattress.
  3. Comfort – You can check which side of the mattress feels more comfortable and sleep on it.
  4. Price – When you compare the prices of single-sided mattresses to the prices of double-sided ones, you’ll see that the difference is minor for the advantages.

Do double-sided mattresses last longer?

Now, unlike the previous questions, this one is really easy to answer. Yes, double-sided mattresses do last longer than all other types of mattresses. And that’s a fact. There is no way around it and nobody can disprove this benefits of double-sided mattresses.

There are two sides. You flip your mattress regularly, thus, preventing the appearance of any major wear on either side of the mattress. This way, you maximize the lifespan of your mattress, going far beyond anything a single-sided mattress can bring to the table.

Where can I buy a double-sided mattress in San Diego CA?Where can I buy a double-sided mattress in San Diego CA

When looking to buy a double-sided mattress, you have to be aware of a single piece of information – these mattresses are not as popular as they once were and your quest for one might be more difficult than you were expecting. 

That being said, there is one type of a double-sided mattress that’s miles ahead of the competition and you can easily find it – the Kensington. It comes in three variants – firm, medium, and plush, to fit every sleeping style, and the only place that sells it is Mattress Makers!

“So, are you sure Mattress Makers is the best place to buy a double-sided mattress?”

Not only are we sure, but we’re positive! Mattress Makers is a family business spanning two generations. Making the finest mattresses is not only a business for us, but a matter of family pride.

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Double-Sided Mattresses: Why and Where to Buy One?

Do they still make mattresses that you can flip over

Why should I buy a double-sided mattress?”. “How often should I turn my mattress over?”. “Are double-sided mattresses really that good?”. “When did double-sided mattresses first appear?”. Oh, the questions…

But, we understand, we really do. Buying a mattress is an important event, and choosing a double-sided one can be twice as difficult. That is why we’re going to help you with each and every one of your dilemmas about buying a double-sided mattress king size in San Diego. 

Do they still make mattresses that you can flip over?Why Choose a Double Sided Mattress

The answer to this question is a firm “yes”. Double-sided mattresses were extremely popular in the past, but they’ve become slightly less popular nowadays. That’s why it’s easy to mistakenly assume that they’ve disappeared from the market altogether.

However, it is a fact that they’re becoming increasingly rare despite the numerous benefits American Academy of Sleep Medicine lists. It’s much less common to see them in showrooms, and more difficult to actually find a good one to buy.

However, even though nearly a niche market at this point, it’s still possible to find a quality double-sided mattress in San Diego if you really want one. You just have to search a bit harder. 

Why choose a double-sided mattress?

It’s easy to forget about all the benefits of a double-sided mattress. They’re no longer as common and there are fewer manufacturers who make them. However, we’re going to remind you of all the benefits they have to offer.

  • Long-lasting – Flippable mattresses last longer than any other regular mattress out there. After all, they have two sides.
  • Cost-effective – They’re more durable, but usually cost the same, or slightly more than a regular mattress. If that’s not a good deal, we don’t know what is!
  • Comfort – Yes, you can buy a regular mattress that will meet your needs. But, with a double-sided mattress, each side can have different properties and you can flip it according to what you want at any given moment.
  • Environmentally friendly – They last longer, a lot longer, meaning double-sided mattresses don’t need to be replaced as often as regular ones. This will reduce your environmental impact and make you greener.

where to buy double sided mattressWhere to buy double-sided mattresses?

When it comes to finding a place to buy a double-sided mattress, it’s important that you find a trusted provider. There are still some manufacturers out there and you could find them easily if you Google for a bit. 

However, before actually buying one, you need to find out which flippable mattress is the best on the market. The competition is fierce, but there is only one double-sided sleeping king on the throne, and it’s the Kensington.

Kensington comes in three varieties – firm, medium, and plush, so you can choose one depending on how firm you like your mattress to be. It features edge-to-edge coils that are individually wrapped, but is still mostly made in a traditional way, assuring good quality and longevity. If you want to turn flippable, there is no better option out there.

“Kensington sounds exactly like what I need, where can I buy it?”

If it’s Kensington king size double-sided mattress you need, there is literally only one place you can buy it, and that’s at Mattress Makers in San Diego. We make it with great dedication and professionalism in order to ensure that we deliver the best quality mattresses to our customers. If you’re a baseball enthusiast, it takes a well-rested person to cheer loud at Petco Park, so stop by our store and let us help you choose the mattress of your dreams!

Flippable Mattresses: Which Side to Sleep On and When to Flip It

Can you sleep on both sides of a mattress

Using a double-sided mattress correctly is crucial for ensuring that you get quality sleep every night. However, not many buyers consider this factor before actually purchasing a mattress, but you should definitely keep it in mind. 

You also need to know all the pros of buying a double-sided mattress, be familiar with the durability of a double-sided mattress, and definitely research who sells the best double-sided mattresses, as there are many double-sided mattress brands in San Diego. We know it’s a lot, don’t worry, we’ll help you through it.

Can you sleep on both sides of a mattress?Does flipping a mattress help

Yes, you can definitely sleep on both sides of a mattress. It might sound strange, but mattresses are usually quite uniform in their design and it makes little difference which side of a mattress you choose to sleep on.

That being said, although every mattress can be flipped, there are special mattresses called double-sided mattresses that are designed specifically for that purpose. They are designed in such a way that each side is different, depending on the sleeping preferences of the person using it, and that it can be flipped according to these needs.

These mattresses are rare when compared to regular, “one-sided” mattresses, but do offer a level of customizability and convenience rarely seen in regular mattresses. If you want a true flippable experience, a double-sided mattress is definitely the way to go.

Does flipping a mattress help?

There are many ways in which regularly flipping a mattress helps your sleeping habits, and we’re going to explore the two main ways in which turning your mattress enhances your sleep experience.

Does flipping a mattress help it last longer?

Yes, it definitely does, even according to the Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine. Not turning your mattress on a regular basis can cause lumps and unevenness across its surface, which can significantly shorten its lifespan.

If you want to avoid such a thing and ensure that your mattress lasts as long as possible, you should develop a habit of flipping your mattress at regular intervals. Mattresses can last a long time, but they will last even longer if you care for them.

Does flipping a mattress help me sleep better?

Flipping a regular mattress can help you sleep better because turning it will decrease the odds of your mattress developing lumps, which will, in turn, improve your sleep. Also, by turning your mattress regularly, you can sure that your sleeping surface is used evenly, retaining the perfect sleeping conditions.

As for double-sided mattresses, flipping them can also help you sleep better, but not in the same way as turning a regular mattress will. When you turn a double-sided mattress, the sleeping surface on the other side is usually different in terms of firmness and sometimes even material.

So, when you flip it, you get a completely different sleeping surface and, depending on your current needs or medical conditions, you can ensure greater sleep quality. For example, if your back hurts for some reason, flip your mattress to the firm side in order to get more support. 

Should a mattress be turnedShould a mattress be turned?

A mattress, any mattress, should definitely be turned. If you own a regular mattress, turning it will ensure it lasts a lot longer, decrease any unwanted effects on your health, and ensure that you retain a perfect sleeping surface for a longer period of time.

Turning a double-sided mattress is also advisable for the reasons given above, but also because these mattresses often offer two completely different surfaces. By changing the surface according to your current needs, you make sure that you get the best night’s sleep you can!

“Double-sided mattresses do sound good, but where can I find one in San Diego?”

Flippable mattresses can be quite rare, and good ones even rarer, as there are different brands of double-sided mattresses. But, when you know who the best manufacturer of double-sided mattresses in San Diego is, your quest should be an easy one.

What? You don’t know? It’s Mattress Makers, come on! We’re premium manufacturers of all things sleep related and we’ve been so for two generations. For us, this is more than a business, it’s a passion. If you want to be well-rested for your walk down Embarcadero, stop by our store and check out our stock!