Custom Fill Station Pillow

Fill Station

The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk allows you to build, refill, or remake your pillow from scratch in 5 minutes!

Create a custom level of support and comfort for your neck, shoulder, and back. A custom pillow can help relieve pain and stress while you sleep. Depending on the fill, you can custom build a pillow starting at $26.



Build Your Custom Fill Station® Pillow in Under 5 Minutes

1) Test Sample Pillows

Visit a Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk location to test various options for your custom pillow. Test different pillows to find which shape and materials feel best for your unique body.

2) Choose Your Favorite

Select the pillow shell and feel that match your preference. Decide on the thickness and firmness that best suits your ideal comfort.

3) Choose Your Favorite

Super Soft Poly Foam
Buckwheat Hulls
Shredded Memory Foam
Shredded Latex
Goose Down Feathers


Come in and try them out!

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