About Rose Avenue


To protect and grow the capital of our investors and partners by: researching and identifying unique opportunities, creating community and structuring investments creatively to produce high quality projects.

Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs guide our day to day thinking which shapes our firm’s culture. They are:

Knowledge is Power

We believe that information is the key to prudent investment decisions. Great ideas and investments hardly appear out of thin air. They often come after the not so glamourous work of digesting market research, attending local industry events and speaking with local political officials and members of the community. Through time intensive research derived from both publicly available information and local on the street knowledge we identify opportunities and mitigate risks the average investors would not be aware of.

Stay One-Step Ahead of the Herd

When conducting investment research, we identify not only where the commercial real estate market is at, but also where it is likely headed. Our goal is to enter an improving market/submarket or to exit a declining market/submarket just before most of our competition. We anticipate the latest trends, wants and needs of our residents and deliver projects that cater to them.

Build Quality Projects

Whether developing luxury or work-force housing our developments will be the standard by which all other competitive projects will be judged. In addition to high quality physical improvements we focus on creating the intangible elements of comfort, community and convenience; further differentiating our projects and firm from our competitors

The Firm

Rose Avenue Capital is an entrepreneurial real estate investment and development firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Our company focuses on generating attractive risk adjusted returns for our investors by executing quick and exploiting niche opportunities which are beyond the scope of a sole proprietor and below the radar of institutional investors. We focus on both the macro and micro fundamentals when determining to invest and post-acquisition we continuously monitor market fundamentals and trends.