Build, Refill, or remake your pillow


Customizable Shredded Latex PIllow

Introducing the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk

Around 600 years ago, the Japanese discovered amazing benefits of using buckwheat hull also called sobakawa in their bedding, then they started using it in pillows. A natural alternative pillow fill. Buckwheat Hulls provide a breathable, supportive feel, and a durable and comfortable pillow.

Offering a luxurious feel, Goose Down is soft and highly conforming to the head. Down feathers don’t contain the larger feathers that may poke through the pillow as you sleep.

For a long lasting, firm and supportive feel, try a shredded latex pillow! Made from durable natural rubber foam which is then shredded into small pieces. Latex is mold resistant and greatly reduces allergens from dust mites.

Cushy memory foam is shredded into small pieces and filled to your preference. Offering a cushion firm feel, memory foam is more durable and breathable than standard foam.

Shredded poly foam is similar to the common poly fiber pillow fill with one exception: Less Flattening. This poly foam will support you for years to come and if you find that the pillow has flattened out, simply bring it in for a free pillow refreshing service!

Our 5-Year Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Guarantee offers an unlimited re-fluffing service and loft adjustments. Please note that additional fill will require additional charges (per lb of fill).