Solve The #1 Question Your Patients Ask

Hi, I’m Pablo, owner of Mattress Makers, a local mattress manufacturer here in San Diego that specializes in handcrafted custom natural and organic mattresses and pillows.


We hear it all the time from Chiropractors we currently work with, that the #1 question their patients ask them is “What mattress and pillow should I use?”


Up to this point, there were 2 possible answers you can give them.

1. Just recommend them a Firm, Medium, or Soft mattress (most just recommend a firm which choosing something too firm results in sore shoulders and hips)

2. Recommend a single mattress model from some known brand


Unfortunately, these solutions aren't best for your patients, for 2 reasons.

1. Every firm, medium, and soft mattress feels slightly different for each person.

2. There is no 1 size fits all mattress or pillow. Everybody’s body is different


So what is the solution?

This partnership is meant to solve this problem for you and most importantly your patients.

Our goal with this partnership is to make sure your patients get the best sleep and back support possible from their mattress and pillow.


How does this work?

Many of your patient’s sleep issues can be solved with the proper pillow. Our custom pillows solve that. We create custom gift cards to display in your office at no cost to you. You sell each card to your patients for $35 and when your patient brings it in one of our stores. We properly fit them for the right pillow which we charge a flat price of $10 regardless of what they choose. Your patient gets a fully custom pillow made specifically for them for only $40. The $30 you make is 100% profit for you.


Now, when your patient needs a new mattress, we walk them through a simple process to help them find the right mattress. It’s a 3 step test of Comfort, Pressure Relief, and Back Support in a never high-pressure environment. 


When your patient purchases a mattress from us you can earn up to $300 per sale.

You can feel confident in sending your patients to Mattress Makers because

We use all-natural materials so your patients never have to be exposed to harmful chemical

  • We use higher quality materials so their mattress last longer
  • We’re local right here in San Diego and we manufacture our own mattresses which means your patients get a better mattress at a better price
  • Our 10 Year Love Your Mattress Guarantee allows your patients to really dial in their comfort with our modular system.
  • We have over 300 5 star reviews from real customers


So stop trying to solve your patient’s mattress and pillow problems and let us take care of them while making some extra income for you.


If you’re interested in joining us please click the button below and apply now. And we’ll schedule a time to meet with you.

How You Make Money

Sell our custom pillow cards in your store and keep 100% of the profit. No inventory needed.

Earn up to $300 on each mattress purchase you refer to us!

Become part of our Recommended Chiropractor Network so that we can refer business to you.