How We're Handling Covid-19

A Letter From The Mattress Makers Family

I hope this letter finds you and yours well. These are extraordinary times for everyone. We have never seen anything even approaching what we are going through as a world, a country or a business.

At Mattress Makers we are taking extra care with sanitation and social distancing. Here are the steps we are taking to make sure your shopping experience is clean and safe:

  • Pillow Sheets are provided for customers to go on top when testing out pillows.
  • Mattress "Sheets" are provided to go on top of mattress when testing mattresses.
  • We are sanitizing our mattresses after every customer with a state approved SteriFab.
  • Face Masks are worn by sales staff and are provided to customers if needed.
  • We have cleaner keeping surfaces sanitized and are regularly going through the stores and cleaning them.
  • If prefer to not have anyone in the store while testing out mattresses, we are offering a 9 am appointment 1 hour before we open and a 6pm appointment 1 hour after we close.
  •  If you cannot come into the store we will happily take the time to help if you prefer to call. You may shop online on our website where many items include free shipping.

Thank you for your  business and let us know how we can best serve.


Pablo, Sam, Gabe and The Rest of the Mattress Makers Family

Miramar (858) 566-4408

La Mesa (619) 303-9505