Euro-Flex is Now Mattress Makers!

euroflex to mattress makers

Watch the video below to learn more

Bob and Pablo announcing the Euro-Flex transition to Mattress Makers

A Letter From The Mattress Makers Family

Hi Euro-Flex Community,

We're excited to share that Euro-Flex has now become part of the Mattress Makers family! We've always admired the way Euro-Flex champions natural and organic mattresses, and now, we're joining forces to continue that mission.

The last couple of years we have built a great relationship with Bob, the owner of Euro-Flex, and he's expressed how he wanted to retire but wanted to make sure his customers were taken care of when he did. We share that same desire and vision.

So after many meetings and talks Mattress Makers has to decided to purchase Euro-Flex!

While the Euro-Flex store location will now become a Mattress Makers store, we want to reassure you that the outstanding service you're accustomed to will remain unchanged. We're here to support your comfort just as Euro-Flex has, with a personal touch and a commitment to quality.

We can't wait to get to know you and ensure that your journey to finding the perfect mattress continues smoothly.

Feel free to drop by or get in touch if you have any questions. We're excited to welcome you!

To better sleep,

Owner of Mattress Makers

Questions you may have

In short No, All the beds in the store will be Mattress Makers mattresses that are found in our other stores. However, if you are a past customer and would like to order that same model as before, because we have our own factory we are able to accommodate and still fulfill past Euro-Flex models.

Yes, if you purchased a Euro-Flex mattress and the warranty is still valid we will continue to honor it with a valid sales invoice.

In most cases yes, as long as you have the sales invoice with the build then most of the time we have access to the material to be able to build it out.