Our Ingredients

We use only natural ingredients that are healthy for your family and the environment.

Throughout our life, we spend a significant amount of time in bed, so our sleep affects us one way or another. But you can rest easy knowing that a mattress from Mattress Makers doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals – only natural and superior quality ingredients.  We pride ourselves in crafting mattresses that are healthy for the environment and for your family.

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Pure New Zealand Joma Wool

We use pure wool in our mattresses because it resists dust-mites, mildew and mold. The wool is also fire resistant. How’s that for safety?

Non Toxic Chemical Free Fire Retardants

Here at Mattress Makers, we use only non-toxic flame retardants.

Natural Cotton Cover

Our mattresses and covers are made with 100% USDA organic cotton – absolutely no hazardous chemicals.
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100% Pure Natural Latex

Naturally safe and durable. Our latex mattresses are derived from natural botanical latex that are not only comfortable but free from harsh chemicals.

Comfort Core Pocketed Coils

For our mattresses, we individually wrap each coil, which helps reduce motion transfer. As a result, you will not be bothered as much by your partner’s movements.

Oeko-Tex Certified

Sleep ought to be healthy, not harmful. We take pride that our mattresses are Oeko-Tex certified and free from destructive or harsh substances. See our certi@ication Here (Link to our Certi@ication)