Kensington Firm

Double Sided Mattress

Once upon a time mattresses were made double-sided. A double-sided mattress gave you more durability and more long-lasting comfort. Well, that fairy tale is no longer a fairy tale with our Kensington Medium. Made the old-fashioned way, double sided, but built with the newer advanced individually wrapped edge-to-edge coils guaranteed to give you longer lasting comfort than those built single-sided.

If you want something a little softer than the floor this bed is for you. If you like being stuck between a rock and a hard place you may want to sleep on our Kensington Firm.

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Three generations later at Mattress Makers, we are still family owned and operated by three brothers, Pablo, Gabriel and Samuel. We still pride ourselves on our continued commitment to our grandfather’s original promise as we hold ourselves to the highest of standards as we craft our mattresses with only the finest materials.