The Answer to, “who Makes Adjustable bed Bases in San Diego?”

Who makes adjustable bed bases in San Diego

The question, “Who makes adjustable bed bases in San Diego?”, was once difficult to answer; not anymore. So, whether it’s that you’re looking for adjustable bases for king beds, or smaller adjustable bases, we know where to find the best ones. Adjustable bed bases and mattresses are a match made in heaven, and the moment you realize that bed bases are durable as well as comfortable, you can’t help but wanting to try one out!

Who we are

Simply put, we are Mattress Makers in the truest sense of the word. This is a family business, and has been that way for decades. The job we do is not only a way to earn. It is primarily the thing we love and do well.

The business originated in the 60s, and has continued to grow and expand since then. In the olden days, mattresses were made from natural materials, without any of the modern gimmicks. That means no memory foam, various gels, and no air beds.

What makes this family of mattress manufacturers different from all the others on the market is that we have managed to, against all trends, continue using natural materials. The manufacturing process has been modernized to accommodate for the increase in demand, but without any negative effects on the quality and uniqueness of every single one of our mattresses.

There are no stacked storages at Mattress Makers, no overproduction of items to sell to our customers. The mattress you buy is going to be specially made for you and your needs. We care about every one of our customers exiting the shop with exactly what they came for.

We have taken that mattress making practice and implemented it into the manufacturing of adjustable bases as well. So, if you want to know who makes adjustable bed bases in San Diego, you already know the answer.

How we improve

As mentioned, the business we own started in the 60s, and we have tried to constantly improve the manufacturing process of both the mattresses, adjustable bases, pillows, and all other sleep-related accessories we offer.

We try to keep up with modern trends, but not in the way you might think. We have never and will never use modern unnatural materials that have become increasingly popular in today’s mattress manufacturing process.

What we mean by trends is what our customers need and want. We listen to their needs, always on the lookout for new areas in which we can improve customer satisfaction. That’s all that matters to us.

In order to offer unparalleled sleeping experience to our customers, it is not enough to know how to make the product. You have to know who you’re making the product for, and that is why we highly value and always consider the opinions and desires of our customers.

It’s almost as if they’re involved in every step of the process, without actually being there to make the product. It’s because of the people who buy that we improve, and it is because of them that we know how to.

What we offer

Besides the best natural mattresses, pillows, and sleeping accessories, we also have a wide selection of adjustable bed bases. Adjustable bases can help with various sleep-related inconveniences, and that is why we pay close attention to the needs of our customers in this area.

The Softide 2100 adjustable base is perfect for entry-level users who are still not sure if they want to spend a bit more money for more comfort and accessories. This base comes with a wired remote, one you can’t lose sight of, and you can freely adjust the base at three joints.

The Softide 5100 base is a bit more advanced. It comes with three different preprogrammed positions, one of which is the most popular “zero-gravity” position, alongside “reading” and “entertainment” positions. With wall hugger and massage features, this base could be all you need.

The Softide 8300 adjustable base could very well be the thing you’re searching for. It has a controllable head tilt, a lumbar support bar than can help with backaches, as well as a preprogrammed, “entertainment”, position. Also, there’s the wall hugger and the massage features, in addition to USB outlets and a bed light.

The Rize Clarity base is an entry level base that comes with some additional features, such as the wireless remote and the preprogrammed, “zero-gravity”, position. There are also three joints at which the base can be adjusted, so there is no reason not to find the perfect sleeping position.

The Rize Verge base comes preprogrammed with three positions – “anti-snore’, “lounge”, and “zero-gravity”. You just have to push a button and you’re done. The massaging feature, USB outlets, and under-the-bed lights certainly tick the boxes when it comes to what you need for the perfect sleep.

Finally, The Rize Contempo II adjustable base is at the top of our offer. Adjustable at four joints, with the, “zero-gravity”, “anti-snore” and “lounge”, preprogrammed positions, this base makes sure you will not have to adjust anything by yourself. Plus, when you consider the massaging feature, the wall hugger perk, the adjustable head tilt, as well as the bed lighting and outlets, this is really an adjustable base that has it all.

All of our adjustable bases come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from twin to cal king, which means every customer can choose a base, and then choose a size he or she needs. As for the answer to your question, “How long do adjustable bed bases last?” we can guarantee a long-lasting life of the bases we produce.

Finally, we are the answer to the question, “Who makes adjustable bed bases in San Diego”

We are the best manufacturers of mattresses, pillows, adjustable bases, and various accessories in San Diego. We use natural materials, pay attention to the needs of our customers, and offer a pleasant shopping experience if you come by our store. So, if an adjustable base is what you need, visit Mattress Makers, and see for yourself why we’re the best!

How Long do the Best Adjustable Base and Mattress Last?

How long do adjustable bed bases last

Finding an adjustable base mattress might be easier than finding the best adjustable base, making sure that base is safe to use with your beloved mattress. Among other factors to consider when shopping for adjustable bed bases, the question you need to ask is, “How long do best adjustable bed base and mattress last?”. So, let’s take a look at the factors that may affect the longevity of an adjustable base.

Sturdiness of construction

This is always the first factor when trying to determine how long adjustable bed bases last. Although there are many more components to adjustable bed bases, the soundness of the construction is certainly the primary, if not the most important aspect which affects how bed bases work.

Adjustable bases need not only withstand the weight of the person sleeping on it, but also be able to provide proper support to the mattress of your choosing. Depending on the size of the bed, as well as the size of the mattress that stems from it, being the pillar of sleep can become an increasingly difficult task for an adjustable base.

Also, the joints where the adjustments of the different parts of adjustable beds are made should be built to last. People who buy adjustable beds need to experiment with different sleeping positions, and the base has to be able to withstand all the aspects of this use.

That’s why it is paramount for an adjustable base to be made from materials that are able to cope with the weight of all the components that make for a good bed to sleep in. So, when looking for an adjustable base that will be as durable as possible, always start with the construction side of it.

Electrical components

In the past, adjustable bases were completely manual. No electrical components to go wrong. Beds used to be adjusted by the sleepers themselves, without any help from modern technology.

Nowadays, virtually all adjustable bases come with built-in motors used for adjusting the parts of the bed into different sleeping positions. This certainly eases the use, but it also introduces new parts than can go wrong. And, depending on the model and the price range, there are also features such as the massaging capability, remote control, USB outlets and under-the-bed lights.

So, the more electrical components, the more there is to go wrong. Well, it’s not that grim. Although it is far more likely for power or massaging motors to break, it doesn’t happen daily. It’s certainly not a good reason to deprive yourself of all the perks of modern sleeping.

You should, however, inquire about the manufacturers of the motors and other electrical components prior to the purchase, and do your research. Ask around, check the internet, and see just how reliable all the electrical components present in your bed base are.

Finally, the warranty period usually covers all the potential breakdowns of bed base’s electrical components, so even if something does go wrong, you will not be left beached. If you are not in the warranty period anymore, you can give a professional service a call, who excel in electrical installations, repairs and & maintenance.

Air circulation

When compared to other aspects of adjustable bed bases, air circulation does not sound like a particularly important factor in the answer to the question of how long do adjustable bed bases last.

It is, however, extremely important not to the physical longevity of your base in terms of breakdowns and construction failures, but to the medical aspect of it. A base should not just stand firm for as long as possible. It should also be healthy for the longest amount of time.

Air circulation helps eliminate any potential problems that may arise from mold growth. People who buy adjustable bed bases do so mainly to alleviate health problems that surface during sleeping.

These problems include snoring, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and many others. All of these conditions can worsen under the influence of various types of mold that can appear if there is insufficient air circulation of the bed base.

It is for this reason that air circulation factors into the longevity of an adjustable bed base. In order for customers to reap the health benefits for as long as possible, proper air circulation is necessary.

So, don’t think about just the construction and electrical components when trying to determine how long adjustable bed bases last. Think about your health, too. As nothing is more important.

You want to know how long the best adjustable bed base and mattress last? Well, we have the answer for you!

Mattress Makers are not only the top trusted manufacturers of natural mattresses in San Diego, but we are also number 1 San Diego manufacturers of adjustable bed bases that last. Because we have total confidence in our manufacturing process, and because we know what materials and components we use, we can safely say that our adjustable bed bases will last a long time. If you don’t believe us, stop by our store and ask about every aspect of our adjustable bases. We know you will like the answers.