Adjustable Bases: Are They Durable and Do They Damage Mattresses?

You’d like to know whether adjustable split king bases are durable, and you’d also like to know if they damage mattresses? We’ll tell you, but have you done your “Split king adjustable beds 101”?

Do you know how beneficial split king beds are? Are you familiar with the hybrid mattress – adjustable split king bed combination? Are you sure you know which sheets to use on your adjustable split king? Yeah? You know all of this? Well, let’s get cracking then!

How long do adjustable bed bases last?How long do adjustable bed bases last

Investing in a good bed that will get you the best sleep money can buy is always a sound investment. Sometimes, not even all the advice you’d get from the experts at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine can bring you as good a night’s sleep as buying a quality new bad can.

And, depending on the bed of your dreams, the investment can also be hefty besides being sound. It’s understandable, then, that you want to know how long an adjustable bed can last. It’s your money, and you want to get the most out of it.

The durability of adjustable beds

So, how long do adjustable beds last? A difficult question to answer and there is no uniform way of telling how long you can expect your bed to last.

Every adjustable bed is different, and every one of these adjustable beds will last for a different amount of time, depending on various factors. Now, a warranty period can give you a glimpse into an adjustable bed’s projected lifespan, but who doesn’t want their purchase to outlast its warranty?

Instead of trying to estimate how long an adjustable bed will last and risk being wrong, let’s take a look at the most important factors that impact the longevity of your adjustable bed.

What are the factors that affect the durability of an adjustable bed?

Here are the most important factors that affect how long you can hope your adjustable bed to last:

  1. Frequency of use – The more often you fiddle with the controls, trying to find the perfect position for you, the shorter the lifespan of your adjustable bed will be. Now, if the build quality is good, this won’t matter as much, but it certainly will make a dent in the bed’s longevity.
  2. Model – Some models of adjustable beds are sturdier than others, and, depending on the model you’ve chosen, you can expect more or less from it.
  3. Single vs. split – Although it might not seem an important factor, split king twin adjustable beds usually have a slightly longer lifespan than single ones. This is because you have twice the motor power working on the same mattress than you would with a single base.
  4. Motors – Motors in an adjustable bed are what keeps the positions a-changing. If the motors are not as strong or as well-built as they should be, there will be a breakdown you’ll either have to fix, or get a completely new adjustable bed. However, the standard lift power in an adjustable base is 850lbs.
  5. Mattress – Choosing an adequate mattress for your adjustable base is also very important. People mostly ask whether an adjustable bed will damage a mattress, but it goes the other way ‘round as well.
  6. Weight limits – All adjustable beds have weight restrictions. Although a weight restriction doesn’t mean a person who exceeds it won’t be able to use the bed, it’s worth noting that sleeping on an adjustable bed that doesn’t meet the necessary weight requirements will considerably shorten its life.
  7. Maintenance – The better you take care of your bed, the longer it will last.
  8. Money – Some say it’s not polite to discuss money, but we have to, as adjustable beds that are higher up the price range do tend to last longer. This is not a given, as we’ve seen how many factors actually impact the longevity of your adjustable bed, but splashing out on a new bed certainly is a good idea.

Do adjustable bases damage mattresses?Do adjustable bases damage mattresses

The first thing we have to say is that it depends on the mattress, not the base. Pretty much every adjustable base functions in the same way, differences being the number of preprogrammed positions and the overall build quality. So, if you’re worried that an adjustable base will damage your mattress, you should first think of the mattress, not the base.

This is because not every mattress is suitable for an adjustable base. For example, traditional innerspring mattresses are too rigid and potentially too thick to work well with an adjustable base. Thus, the lifespan of such a mattress, when coupled with an adjustable base, can be shortened.

However, if you choose a mattress suitable for adjustable bases, you really don’t have to worry. Instead of further convincing you that there is no reason to worry about an adjustable base eradicating your mattress, let’s see what you should look for in a mattress that can be considered a good match for an adjustable base.

What qualities should a mattress for an adjustable bed have?

To help you find the perfect match for your adjustable base, we’ll take a closer look at the qualities such a mattress should possess.

  1. Flexibility – A mattress that goes well with an adjustable base should be as flexible as possible to be able to withstand the constant changes of shape.
  2. Weight – The lighter the mattress is, the better it will work with an adjustable base as it will put less stress on the construction of the bed.
  3. Size – Don’t go over the top when choosing a mattress for your adjustable base. Choose one that is just right and fits as snuggly as possible, and you’ll be good.

“Where can I buy a good adjustable base in San Diego?”

You’re looking for good adjustable beds in split king size? We’re Mattress Makers, and we’re long-time manufacturers of quality mattresses and bases. We do everything in our power to help you find the perfect fit, and we don’t stop until our job is done. 

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Is Sleeping flat really the best way to sleep?

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