7 Most Common Mattress Shopping Mistakes [VIDEO]

Do you live an active lifestyle, juggling work, household responsibilities, and family activities? Do you find yourself tired of sleepless nights and aching mornings, desperate for a better night’s sleep but dreading the daunting task of mattress shopping with the limited time you have? 

At Mattress Makers, we know that life can get hectic. Self-care and relaxation often take a backseat, leaving you with limited time for mattress shopping. We get it; it’s not the most exciting or straightforward task. But here’s the good news: we’ve simplified the process to ensure you find the perfect mattress without the stress.

Let’s walk you through the 7 most common mattress shopping mistakes and show you how to avoid them. Because you deserve the best sleep possible.

Mistake #1: Buying Without Testing

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is buying a mattress without testing it first. Sure, it might seem like a hassle to go to a mattress store and lie down on various beds, especially if you have a busy schedule or kids in tow. However, investing in a mattress is investing in your well-being, and you want to make the right decision. Don’t buy sight unseen. Take the time to test out the mattress in-store.

When you visit a mattress store, take advantage of the opportunity to physically experience different mattresses. Lie down on them, roll from side to side, and test various sleeping positions. Pay attention to how your body feels on each mattress. Does it provide the right level of support? Is it comfortable for your preferred sleep position?

Mistake #2: Buying Based on Another Person’s Experience

We’re all unique, and our bodies have different needs when it comes to sleep. Your friend might swear by their mattress, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you. 

For example, if your friend is a back sleeper, their mattress preference may be quite different from yours if you’re a side sleeper. Back sleepers tend to prefer firmer mattresses that provide good spinal alignment, while side sleepers often need a softer mattress to cushion their shoulders and hips.

Consider your own sleeping position, pressure points, and preferences when choosing a mattress. Don’t rely solely on someone else’s experience.

Mistake #3: Falling for Outlandish Sales

Sales and discounts can be tempting but be aware of getting suckered into outlandish sales. Some mattress stores advertise huge discounts, but in reality, those prices might be inflated to create the illusion of a deal. Be a savvy shopper and do your research to ensure you’re getting true value for your money.

When you encounter a mattress sale, take the time to investigate the actual price history of the mattress. Some retailers may use high initial prices and then heavily discount them to make you think you’re getting a bargain. Check reviews and ratings of the mattress to gauge its quality and durability.

Mistake #4: Testing Without Lying on the Mattress

Simply poking the mattress or sitting on it won’t give you an accurate feeling for how it will support your body. When you’re testing a mattress, lie down on it. This way, your body weight is distributed across the surface, allowing you to assess how it feels, fills in gaps, and supports your pressure points.

Lying down on a mattress is the most effective way to simulate a night’s sleep. It allows you to experience the true comfort and support of the mattress. Pay attention to how well it contours to your body shape, especially in areas like your shoulders and hips. A good mattress should provide proper alignment and pressure relief.

Mistake #5: Not Testing in Your Sleep Position

Everyone has a preferred sleep position, and it’s crucial to test the mattress accordingly. If you’re a side sleeper, try the mattress while lying on your side. This way, you can gauge how well it accommodates your specific sleeping style and needs.

Testing a mattress in your preferred sleep position is essential because different sleeping positions place varying demands on a mattress. Side sleepers, for instance, need a mattress that cushions their shoulders and hips to maintain spinal alignment. By testing the mattress as you would sleep, you can ensure it meets your unique requirements.

Mistake #6: Opting for a Mattress That’s Too Firm

The myth that firmer mattresses are better for your back isn’t necessarily true for everyone. Your mattress should conform to your body and fill in the gaps, especially if you’re a side sleeper with pressure points on your shoulders and hips. A mattress that’s too firm can lead to discomfort and pain.

While a firm mattress might be suitable for some, it’s not a universal solution. Your ideal mattress firmness depends on your body type, sleep position, and personal comfort preferences. If a mattress is excessively firm, it can cause increased pressure on certain areas of your body, leading to discomfort and potential sleep disruptions.

Mistake #7: Testing Too Many Mattresses

While thorough testing is essential, testing too many mattresses can become overwhelming. Here at Mattress Makers, we  recommend starting with a comfort test to determine your preference for firmness by guiding you through a range of comfort levels. Do you prefer a firm, medium, or soft mattress? By narrowing down your preferences early on, you can focus on the mattresses that align with your comfort needs. This approach saves time, reduces the hassle of trying every mattress in the store, and boosts your confidence in making the right choice.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, having more quality time with your family, and enjoying a sense of relaxation and contentment—all thanks to your mattress choice. We’re here to help you achieve that. Our commitment to quality, customization, and value means you can finally say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to the restful, rejuvenating sleep you’ve been craving.

At Mattress Makers, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, and our commitment to quality, customization, and value ensures you get the mattress that suits your unique needs.

Visit us at one of our locations in San Diego, La Mesa or Miramar or shop online to find the right mattress for you. We’re ready to help you on your journey to a ridiculously good night’s sleep.

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