What Is The Best Mattress For Couples

Sleep is an essential aspect of our well-being, and for couples, a good night’s sleep can mean the difference between a harmonious morning and waking up on the wrong side of the bed. At Mattress Makers, we understand the unique needs of couples when it comes to choosing the perfect mattress. In this guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when selecting the best mattress for couples, including size, motion transfer, the ideal sleep system setup, and additional tips for enhancing your sleep experience.

1. Choose the Right Size

One of the fundamental considerations for couples is the size of the mattress. While a cozy twin may have been suitable for solo sleepers, sharing a bed requires more space to ensure undisturbed rest. A queen size should be the bare minimum for couples, offering just 30 inches of width per person. However, for optimal comfort and freedom of movement, a king or California king size mattress is recommended. With the standard king providing ample space for most couples and the California king catering to taller individuals, these sizes ensure a restful night’s sleep without feeling cramped.

2. Combat Motion Transfer

Nothing disrupts sleep more than feeling every movement your partner makes throughout the night. To address this issue, it’s crucial to choose a mattress with minimal motion transfer. Traditional coil systems, such as the Bonnell coil, are notorious for transferring motion across the bed, resulting in disturbed sleep for light sleepers.

Instead, mattresses crafted from memory foam or latex excel at isolating motion, allowing each partner to move without disturbing the other. Pocketed coil systems offer a compromise for those who prefer the buoyancy of springs while minimizing motion transfer, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for both individuals.

3. Invest in the Ultimate Sleep System

For couples seeking the ultimate sleep experience, investing in a split king adjustable sleep system may be the answer. This innovative setup consists of two mattresses positioned side by side, each with customizable head and foot positions. Not only does this configuration cater to individual comfort preferences, but it also eliminates the size dilemma by providing ample space for both partners.

An adjustable sleep system offers versatility beyond traditional flat sleeping surfaces, allowing each partner to find their ideal sleeping position, whether it’s zero gravity or a slight elevation for enhanced comfort. With the option to adjust firmness levels independently on each side, couples can finally achieve the perfect balance of support and plushness for a truly restorative night’s sleep.

More Tips for a Better Sleep Experience

In addition to selecting the right mattress and sleep system, there are several other factors that couples should consider to help their sleep experience.

Invest in High-Quality Bedding and Linens

Investing in high-quality bedding and linens adds to the comfort of your sleep environment. Opting for breathable, natural materials can help regulate temperature and promote airflow, ensuring a comfortable sleep surface throughout the night.

Build a Custom Pillow

The pillow is an integral part of your sleep. It accounts for a significant portion of your comfort and support. When selecting a pillow, think about your body type, how you sleep, and the firmness of your mattress. It’s worthwhile testing different pillows with your chosen mattress to ensure a perfect match. Or better yet, create your own customizable pillow at our fill station pillow kiosk, where you can build, refill or remake your pillow.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Creating a bedtime routine can also be beneficial for couples looking to improve their sleep quality. Establishing consistent sleep and wake times can help regulate your body’s internal clock, making it easier to fall asleep and wake up refreshed each morning. Incorporating relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or gentle stretching before bed can also help reduce stress and promote relaxation, setting the stage for a restful night’s sleep.

Selecting the best mattress for couples involves careful consideration of size, motion transfer, and the overall sleep system setup. At Mattress Makers, we prioritize the needs of couples by offering a range of options tailored to enhance comfort, minimize disturbances, and promote restful sleep. Whether you opt for a spacious king size mattress, a motion-isolating memory foam bed, or invest in a split king adjustable sleep system, our goal remains the same: to ensure that every couple enjoys the sleep they deserve.

For more expert advice and personalized recommendations, visit one of Mattress Makers locations or shop online and embark on your journey to a better night’s sleep.

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