What Can I Do To Fall Asleep Quickly and Ensure Good Sleep?

If you don’t get enough quality sleep, you’ll not only feel tired and mopey, but you’ll also be less productive, with a lot less energy and good vibes to share. Sometimes, you can’t sleep well because you or your partner are snoring, but other times, you just need a good pre-bedtime routine. 

And that’s exactly what we’re going to try to help you with. We’ll tell you how to prepare to sleep soundly, and show you some tricks on how to fall asleep more quickly. We’ll even tell you how adjustable beds can help. Let’s begin. 

How do you fall asleep in 5 minutes

How do you prepare for a good night’s sleep?

Many people struggle with getting some good rest at night, and it’s a big problem. If you don’t sleep well, you’re more susceptible to illnesses, you lack the energy to get through the day, and your mood is not in the best of places either. 

Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine describes many cases with the same problem. Since we know how dreadful it feels to spend the night tossing and turning, we’ve decided to share some tips.

How to sleep better?

  1. Light exposure

    Try to be as exposed as possible to natural sunlight during the day, as this keeps your circadian rhythm healthy, and improves sleep quality at night.

  2. No blue light

    Don’t allow yourself to be exposed to blue light before you go to bed. Blue light tricks your body into thinking that it’s actually daytime, which doesn’t help you sleep well.

  3. No caffeine

    It’s never a good idea to consume caffeine before getting into bed. It worsens the quality of your sleep significantly. But, if you’re still craving a cup of jo, stick to decaf.

  4. Don’t nap

    Try to reduce or eliminate naps altogether. Daytime sleeping can confuse your body’s internal clock, lowering sleep quality drastically.

  5. Avoid alcohol

    All of us need to let our hair down from time to time, but having a couple and then going to bed will not make you sleep better.

  6. Late snacks are a no too

    Munching late at night negatively impacts the quality of your sleep, and it impairs melatonin and HGH release. If you have to eat before sleeping, you should choose low-carb food.

  7. Relaxing bath

    A warm bath before going to bed can greatly help you sleep better.

How do you fall asleep in 5 minutes?

Falling asleep in five minutes can seem like a tall order at first, but, if you make a routine out of our little tips and tricks, you’ll start falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

  1. Room temperature – Lower the room temperature before going to bed to fall asleep more quickly.
  2. “4-7-8-” breathing – This breathing technique will get you calm and relaxed, which helps you snooze off in a jiffy.
  3. Schedule – Try to create a sleeping schedule and stick to it in order to get your body used to your sleeping needs.
  4. Yoga and meditation – If you’re feeling restless before going to bed, meditating or doing yoga can really help.
  5. Look away from your clock – Don’t check your smartphone clock every two minutes and despair over not having fallen asleep yet. 
  6. Music – Playing a short, relaxing tune when you turn in can help you fall asleep faster.
  7. Ritual – Try to create a pre-bedtime ritual that will help you relax and fall asleep easily. 
  8. Read – Get into bed, grab a book, and read a bit, until the letters start becoming blurred. That’s certain to get you to fall asleep.
  9. Comfort – Sometimes, it is not up to you. Perhaps the mattress or the pillow you’re sleeping on are bad, so try replacing them with new ones. 
  10. Environment – Sometimes, rearranging little details around the room can help you make a sleeping shrine out of it. 
  11. Sleeping position – Finally, try several sleeping positions out and see which one works best. Don’t stick to your guns when it comes to sleeping positions. 

Does an adjustable bed improve sleep?

Yes, adjustable beds do improve sleep quality, and here’s why:

  1. Circulation – Adjustable beds offer a variety of sleeping positions, many of which improve blood flow. And, with better blood flow comes better sleep.
  2. Ergonomy – Once again, you can place your adjustable bed in a position that suits you most, thus ensuring better sleep. 
  3. Snoring – Adjustable bases can angle your body in a way that will reduce or completely eliminate snoring, helping you sleep better.
  4. Massages – Some adjustable beds come with a massaging feature. If this doesn’t improve your sleep, nothing will!
  5. Independence – Finally, if you’re sleeping with a partner, there are split adjustable beds that allow each person to find their perfect sleeping position.
How do you prepare for a good night’s sleep

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