The Cardiff

A mattress shouldn’t be too firm, you say? Why get a hard mattress when you could just sleep on the floor? No, you’re looking for the softest of the soft, but don’t want to bottom out. With our signature Cardiff, you get Flow Foam, it’s softer than memory foam, and incredibly comfortable! And just to make sure you’re not sinking in too deep, a layer Memory Foam lies between the Flow Foam and Poly Foam support layer, so that you can crash after your long days and not have to worry about moving around too much!

Come on in today to try the softest of our all-foam mattresses!

The Leucadia

You’ve tried your hand at latex mattresses, traditional double-sided mattresses, and simply can’t get away from how much you like the memory foam mattress. Not a problem! At Mattress Makers, whether we’re making latex mattresses or memory foam ones, we only use the highest quality materials we can find to ensure you’re getting your healthiest and comfiest night’s sleep!

So if you’re set on the all-foam mattress with that soft and conforming memory foam, come try out our single or double-sided Leucadias today!

The HR Mission Firm

Introducing the Mission Firm, the firmest mattress at Mattress Makers. By far the most comfortable board you’ll ever sleep on! All jokes aside, the Mission Firm is loaded with our High Resiliency foam, and somewhat of a plush top so that you’re not entirely stiff. If you’re sleeping on your back or stomach and are looking to for the closest a mattress can get to the ground, the HR Mission Firm has your name on it!

The HR Mission Medium

By getting the Mission Medium, you’re getting the familiar and trustworthy makings of the traditional all foam mattress. Lightweight, single-sided and low profile makes this the perfect option for boat and RV mattresses! If comfort and support are both a necessity, but you’d rather not break your back, the Mission Medium is the one for you!

Balboa Medium

Can’t keep yourself from that classic innerspring feel? That first mattress we all remember, not too firm, not too soft. Just the right feel, whether you’re on your side or back. All these agreeable qualities make it the perfect guest room mattress. Much like the park it was named after, here in San Diego, the Balboa is a sweet retreat.


Similar to the bed-in-the-box feel that works well for so many, the Belmont is an all-foam mattress with three layers of increasing densities, making sure you get the relief of a medium-plush mattress, with the support that’ll insure you wake up feeling well rested! Light and easy to move, it’s perfect for guest bedrooms, studios and even the back of the Ford explorer for those coveted road trips!

Orthopedic Support

The Orthodpedic support guarantees you’ll be supported and comfortable. Its more traditional springs under its high density polyfoam makes it perfect for growing children or guests bedrooms. If you’re looking for that affordable, but durable mattress, that offers the support you need without being too firm or soft, the Orthopedic support is your answer!



Custom Fill Station Pillow

The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk allows you to build, refill, or remake your pillow from scratch in 5 minutes!

Create a custom level of support and comfort for your neck, shoulder, and back. A custom pillow can help relieve pain and stress while you sleep. Depending on the fill, you can custom build a pillow starting at $26.

Coronado Plush

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping on a cloud? Our Coronado Plush has your name on it! By placing two 3’’ layers of our Natural Talalay Latex on top of our 6’’ Dunlop Latex support layer, we struck the balance between support and conformability that you’ve been looking for! You no longer have to sacrifice pressure relief and active support for that plush feeling you’re going for, and with the mattress wrapped in our quilted organic cotton and New Zealand Joma wool blend, you don’t have to worry about getting too hot, either!

Organic Cotton

100% certified organic cotton sateen sheets with no chemicals dyes allows you to sleep soundly at night knowing the sheets your sleeping on are just as nature intended. Using a long staple single ply yarn gives you the soft dreamy feel that’s going to make it easy to go to sleep and hard to get up in the morning.